Book bindings have many variants.

For our K-BOOKS we offer the following options:


Perfect binding:

For the perfect binding, the sheets are glued together after folding to form a booklet. The spine is roughened with a milling machine so that the glue will hold. Finally the ribbed cover is glued onto the fresh layer of paste. For a perfect binding, 5 mm of trimming on all sides is ideal.

When designing the layout, make sure that the elements are not too close to the gutter. In some cases, with perfect bindings, text or graphic elements that are too close to the gutter are not easy to discern.


Thread stitching:

In the case of thread stitching, the signatures are folded and then sewn in layers into a booklet using bookbinders' twine. Finally, a layer of glue is applied to the spine and sealed with spine-binding tape.

For thread stitching for a K-BOOK it is important that at least one double-page fits contiguously onto a sheet. Thread stitching can therefore only be used up to a 22 x 31 cm format.

SpecialOpen thread stitching: Here the back of the book block remains open (no tape) and is glued only sparsely. The threads remain visible. This binding has a special charm and is often combined with the stiff soft cover type of binding.

The difference between perfect binding and thread stitching is seen particularly in how well they open and how durable they are.


Saddle stitching:

Saddle stitched booklets are the cheapest binding option, but their stability is still good. Two staples through the spine hold the pages together; eyelet rings are possible in individual cases as well. Our special offer: A school stitch with knotted thread in the spine of the brochure.



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