Binding Type and Material

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Give your K-BOOK the chance to be unique. In addition to the binding option, it is important to choose the type of cover. There are various types of binding that can be used to customize a book. The cloth binding, the half-cloth, the stiff soft cover, the foldout brochure, and also the English or Swiss brochure. Or maybe even an Otabind? There are few limits to the choice of materials. But the type of cover should match the material, the binding, and the design.

A cloth binding is given a fabric surface: K-BOOKS offers a wide selection of fabrics in various textures and colours.
In the case of the half-cloth binding only the spine is clad in fabric, the other surfaces receive a paper coating that can be printed on.
The PAPER BINDING is completely covered with paper. A coloured paper coating material can be used as an alternative to printed paper.

On request, any book can get a protective cover.


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