The Grammage is a measure of the basis weight of paper, specified in g/m².

As a rule of thumb: The higher the number of grams, the thicker and sturdier the paper. At best the grammage should increase with the size of the format.
Volume paper is an exception to this rule: This paper is thicker than the grammage suggests.
Books with fewer pages can be given a more imposing appearance with volume paper, while at the same time the small and medium grammages still open very well.

By way of comparison: Regular copy paper has between 80 and 90 g/m², while card stock is approximately between 190 and 250 g/m². The preferred cover for a soft cover book is 300-350 g/m2. From 600 g/m² upwards the paper is regarded as paperboard.

The standard for the inner part of a book with text and image content is a grammage of 135-150 g/m².
But these too can be played around with to achieve the desired effect.

The selection of the paper is an important basis for the overall impact of a book. Grammage plays an important role in that selection.


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